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powershell crash course part 2

Hi all ,

part 2 of PowerShell .. took a back stage and I just figured out that I do not need to reinvent the wheel .. because some of the dedicated powershell

sites do a lot better work at it … YES ,, its extremely useful for SQL admins too .. so I will direct you to that sites instead …PLAN just changed

SITES –> http://powershell.com/cs/

on this sites .. GO to TAB named EBOOKV2 .. which has 18 lesson online eBook

and it covers most of the basics we need to start with …

–> http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/ebookv2/default.aspx

below I will provide small descriptions of lessons and topics covered in the same ..

Chapter 1. The PowerShell Console

This chapter will introduce you to the PowerShell console and show you how to configure it, including font colors and sizes, editing and display options. Topics Covered: Starting PowerShell First Steps with the Console Incomplete

Chapter 2. Interactive PowerShell

PowerShell has two faces: interactivity and script automation. In this chapter, you will first learn how to work with PowerShell interactively. Then, we will take a look at PowerShell scripts. Topics Covered: PowerShell as a Calculator
It is time to combine commands whenever a single PowerShell command can’t solve your problem. One way of doing this is by using variables. PowerShell can store results of one command in a variable and then pass the variable to another command.
and so forth .. you get 18 lessons to get going with basics .. its extremely well explained and of help to ADmins ..
ENjoy 🙂
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