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HOW TO Set up TEST Environment for SQL SERVER 2014 CTP2 or SQL SERVER 2012 PART 2

December 23, 2013 1 comment


for setting up TEST env for Server 2012 and above refer to my First post for initial details and videos from 1 to 6

remaining Videos are as below :: –>

once again CREDITS goes to metamanager  (Check out the Channel and Subscribe to the same)

Video number 7 

Video number 8 

 Video number 9

Video number 10


CREDITS goes to metamanager 

Thanks a lot for checking out the page .. do comment and share !!!



HOW TO Set up TEST Environment for SQL SERVER 2014 CTP2 or SQL SERVER 2012 PART 1

December 23, 2013 2 comments

Hey ALL,

if you are looking forward to set-up a test server for playing around with SQL server 2014 CTP2 release or have some

concepts cleared on always ON on SQL SERVER 2012 .. Follow on ..

Below is the flow of this post ..

1> links for pre-requisite for Setting up SQL server 2014 CTP2 or SQL Server 2012 Environment

2> Video Links for Setting up SQL Server 2012 (Same concepts and set-up is applicable to SQL Server

       2014 CTP2) 

Video links are taken from metamanager  (Check out the Channel and Subscribe to the same)

Credits for Videos goes to metamanager .. Thanks a lot for sharing them … Great for the SQL communities 

Host machine specs

–>  windows 7 ,8 GB RAM,core i5 ,around 150+ GB HD (so anything close to this or higher will be great )

download below ISO Files for

windows SERVER 2012 ,

SQL server 2012


SQL server 2014 CTP2

i have preferred to download ISO file (you may use CAB if you prefer , ALL links are for Evaluation Editions only )

1> Windows Server 2012 –>



2>  SQL Server 2012 –>


3> SQL Server 2014 CTP2 –>

 4>  VMWARE workstation or Hyper-V is required to set-up the Virtual environment


 –> if you are interested in trying out Hyper-V then check out This links  (it is also  present as a feature in Server 2012)

         Once you are done with downloading the OS,SQL Server and VMware (or Hyper-V)

              Follow below Videos to Set-up your Env ..

















REST of the Videos .. i will share in second post ..

once again CREDITS goes to metamanager  (Check out the Channel and Subscribe to the same)

Enjoy 🙂

how to Slipstream SP2 or SP1 for SQL 2008 R2 – part 2 – installing reporting services along with database engine

June 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi all,

as promised in my last post .. that I will test a scenario were in .. if we try to install reporting services using a Slipstream SP2 of SQL

server 2008 R2 .. then we may hit issues and installation may fail .. all together for reporting services ..

Nicolas Cain has covered more on this at this site –>

you may refer the post over here how to Slipstream SP2 or SP1 for SQL 2008 R2

below are the step followed for installing SQL reporting services along with DB engine (using Slipstreamed SP2 of SQL server 2008 R2)

my OS was windows 7 SP1 64 bit ..


1>  selected reporting services and database engine on feature selection page ..


2> update setup media compatibility test PASSED .. signifying slipstream installation


3> Giving a named instance for this particular instance ..


4> choosing to install NATIVE mode Default installation for Reporting services


5> verified that our installation is a SLIPSTREAMED installation of SP2


6> confirm the features selected


7> summary log file .. shows success for reporting services feature installation ..



I was able to connect to reporting services using SSMS server name as –> http://machinename:8080/ReportServer_SQL2008R2_INST3

I have tweaked the port no. from 80 to 8080 .. as I have trouble connecting to the same using reporting configuration

also I have recreated the reporting databases using reporting configuration GUI ..

all in all I did not face any particular issues with installation and this issue can be specific to windows OS

do share details .. if you are facing any issues for installation of reporting services using Slipstreamed method ..

Enjoy 🙂

great links about slipstream drop .. SQL 2008 R2

May 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey ..

           I justed happen to come cross some cool sites discussing about abt slipstream ..

          it helps you to do your original sql server installation and SP at ONCE — talking about SQL 2008 and highher ..

          below are the links …




        Thanks for reading ….

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