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HOW TO Set up TEST Environment for SQL SERVER 2014 CTP2 or SQL SERVER 2012 PART 2

December 23, 2013 1 comment


for setting up TEST env for Server 2012 and above refer to my First post for initial details and videos from 1 to 6

remaining Videos are as below :: –>

once again CREDITS goes to metamanager  (Check out the Channel and Subscribe to the same)

Video number 7 

Video number 8 

 Video number 9

Video number 10


CREDITS goes to metamanager 

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Could not find database ID 2, name ‘tempdb’. The database may be offline

September 14, 2013 Leave a comment




one of my SQL server .. has been logging in ERRORS related to Tempdb been unavailable during Startup and after few seconds everything


seems to be working fine .. i assumed that its related to drives holding the TempDB was going offline or it was not accessible when the SQL


was coming online .. below is the error message 




013-09-10 06:36:22.850 spid55 Could not find database ID 2, name ‘tempdb’. The database may be offline. Wait a few minutes and try again. 2013-09-10 06:36:22.980 spid9s Starting up database ‘tempdb’.


After some time the SQL would recover normally .. without any furthur errors or similar messages 


Solution :


i figured out that this is a known issue and does occur in SQL 2000 and 2005 (could also be a possiblity in higher versions too)


below is what is causing this 


Application like  Biztalk or web Farm keep trying to connect to SQL every second while the sql is starting up .. 


and they try to Create objects in tempdb .. from the very go … as TEMPDB is been refreshed and not accessible  above mentioned messages


are logged in SQL error log .. (which can lead to DBA’s looking for reason from drive prespective)


–> i have used TRACE FLAG 3614 to cause the SSNETLIB.dll (SQL server network library) to be loaded only after successful recovery of


system databases and hance above messages are not logged in SQL error log .. 


refer :




great whitepapers on Contention in SQL Server

August 24, 2013 1 comment


Hey .. Check out 2 great whitepapers on contention in SQL SERVER ..


Diagnosing and Resolving Latch Contention on SQL Server


Diagnosing and Resolving Spinlock Contention on SQL Server

Enjoy 🙂


Check a Huge collection of books on Microsoft technology .. all FREEEEE

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list of all SQL SERVER MVP till date

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Hi There,

check below link about all our SQL SERVER MVP’s ,their blogs links and much more …


MVP’s are great asset for the community and great role models for junior’s ..

they share their learning and experiences  without holding anything back …

A BIG CONGRATULATION to ALL MVP’s for the year 2013 ..



Check out SQLSERVER-Performance-Tuning blog

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Hi All,New start to start

Check out below Link for all latest trends and news on SQL SERVER Performance

tuning ,its an unique efforts in GULF and MIDDLE EAST ,

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SQL Server Performance Tuning is a specialized SQL Server community fully of several rich blogs ,videos tutorials , offline and online event for widely concerned topics on Microsoft SQL Server  like T-SQL performance optimization , Data Warehousing solutions, Replication Solutions , DMV library ,new SQL Server 2012 features ,index tuning , heavy locks and deadlocks   ..etc


how to Slipstream SP2 or SP1 for SQL 2008 R2 – part 2 – installing reporting services along with database engine

June 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi all,

as promised in my last post .. that I will test a scenario were in .. if we try to install reporting services using a Slipstream SP2 of SQL

server 2008 R2 .. then we may hit issues and installation may fail .. all together for reporting services ..

Nicolas Cain has covered more on this at this site –>

you may refer the post over here how to Slipstream SP2 or SP1 for SQL 2008 R2

below are the step followed for installing SQL reporting services along with DB engine (using Slipstreamed SP2 of SQL server 2008 R2)

my OS was windows 7 SP1 64 bit ..


1>  selected reporting services and database engine on feature selection page ..


2> update setup media compatibility test PASSED .. signifying slipstream installation


3> Giving a named instance for this particular instance ..


4> choosing to install NATIVE mode Default installation for Reporting services


5> verified that our installation is a SLIPSTREAMED installation of SP2


6> confirm the features selected


7> summary log file .. shows success for reporting services feature installation ..



I was able to connect to reporting services using SSMS server name as –> http://machinename:8080/ReportServer_SQL2008R2_INST3

I have tweaked the port no. from 80 to 8080 .. as I have trouble connecting to the same using reporting configuration

also I have recreated the reporting databases using reporting configuration GUI ..

all in all I did not face any particular issues with installation and this issue can be specific to windows OS

do share details .. if you are facing any issues for installation of reporting services using Slipstreamed method ..

Enjoy 🙂